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Melty Blood Type Lumina Wiki. An old melty blood mainstay. The story is a prequel to both tsukihime and the previous melty blood titles.


After suffering through a traumatic event, a naively innocent side of her was somehow released. Since the game's original release on pc in 2002, it has also had a number of ports for arcade, playstation 2, and steam. The d button functions as shield, which is a parry mechanism.

¥7,480 (Tax Included), First Limited Edition ¥11,880 (Tax Included) Official Site:

A piece of blue glass moon. She is incredibly powerful and, despite being a vampire, is able to survive in direct sunlight. 2a+b will perform a moon charge, which fills your moon gauge and magic circuit while draining health as long as the buttons are held.

Since The Game's Original Release On Pc In 2002, It Has Also Had A Number Of Ports For Arcade, Playstation 2, And Steam.

Now, at long last, the “melty blood” series is making its way to playstation®4, nintendo switch™, xbox one, and steam on. Type lumina was released worldwide on september 30th, 2021 for playstation 4/5, xbox one/series, nintendo switch, and pc. It is available on pc via steam, nintendo switch, playstation 4, and xbox one.

The D Button Functions As Shield, Which Is A Parry Mechanism.

An old melty blood mainstay. Game » consists of 4 releases. 2.about melty blood type lumina wiki.

Currently In The Fifth Grade, She Sees Herself As Shiki's Other Sister.

1.a royal member of the vampire race known as the true ancestors. It was originally released in december 2002 on the pc. Type lumina are downloadable contents which are released after the initial launch of type:

Her Feelings Are Easy To.

Almost identical to 5a in practice, but you'll most likely be using this more often as it hits low and is your fastest low at that, helping to restrict your opponent to crouch blocking. It contains not only downloadable characters, but also an another story dlc pack and update patches. The story is a prequel to both tsukihime and the previous melty blood titles.

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